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Hi everyone!!   Christmas is coming, and we love to do some fun things for the community and to support local! Me and KB scrunchies are working together again to put together some amazing, cute bundles for you guys to gift or use as stocking stuffers!  Each bundle includes a sleep mask, scrunchie and a lip gloss of your choice. Four beautiful colours will be available of each sleep mask and scrunchie; baby blue, pink, red and black. They are gorgeous, silk sleep masks that have you sleeping like a baby.  Available November 12, 2020, on my website only. There will be limited available bundles in stock for each colour so get them while you can!    - Vanessa

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It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. Ever since dropping my faux mink lashes, I've gained an amazing amount of support from many people. Then lip gloss popped into my head. I wanted a gloss that was sheek and classy, in beautiful packaging, my logo on it. And it happened. You asked for it, and we presented it. Buuuuut.... we won't stop there. Right now I'm currently working on producing another lip gloss drop - but this time, it's extra special, since I'll be making the gloss myself. I really want to test out different consistencies and colours to present to you guys.   But any who, right now our lip glosses are POPPIN' and I'm so thankful for those who have patiently waited...

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Thinking about when and how to release some new products, I've been jotting down some dope ideas as the holiday season approaches. Two new products will be released within the next couple of weeks, and a special third product closer to Christmas (perfect for your stocking, or just a gift itself).  I know ya'll have been asking about some of these products, and I've been working really hard to get them to you!!  Excited yet so eager to release these products for you guys! If you follow me on Instagram @madebyvanessamarie, I'm doing $10 off your first full set of eyelash extensions. DM me to book.   - Vanessa

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Let me just take a moment to thank everyone who has supported me; whether you bought one lash, two lashes, five lashes, or have just supported me on social media by sharing my content with others!! So many of you have bought my lashes, and shared some photos with me, and it's been so great seeing how beautiful ya'll look!  Lashes changed the game for me, especially with the pandemic going on... But I thought maybe blogging once a week about business, personal, or any other content would be pretty dope (if you want to read).  If you haven't browsed through my stories or highlights on the gram, I'll start off with this one here -- of my girl Priyanka, wearing our newest drop...

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